When Will a Young Man be President of Nigeria, Like France?

Omololu Omotosho June 03, 2017

Nigerian youth needs to stand up and be counted.  Power is never given but earned: Spending valuable time insulting politicians will not change Nigeria — strategically being involved in civic duties will.

Nigeria needs an “Aso Rock” leadership training program like obtainable in America (White House Fellows).  One of the main problems in Nigeria apart from the much publicized issue of corruption, is that we lack leaders that are adequately prepared for leadership positions in all levels of government.  Youths fortunate enough to be political appointees should use the unique opportunity and experience they gained in government to mentor other youths genuinely interested in service.

Political office holders should set up think tanks after their tenure of service intended to promote education about leadership, governance, and research. Learning from the mistakes of previous governments and sharing best practices against vices such as corruption are needed for a society to develop.

Successive administrations  should not remove the good works of previous administrations after the peaceful transfer of power, but complete ongoing infrastructure projects, honor agreements made with local and foreign partners, and enforce tried and tested policies of government regardless of the political party currently in power.

Tribalism should not be used as a wedge to divide us and we should not let cynical politicians use our differences to conquer us in order to achieve their aim to get elected. When politicians pull seats around the table to decide policy direction and share our oil resources, their main objective is the acquisition of money and power.

If this is not done, maybe we should join major political parties like the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) or All Progressives Congress (APC). Or is the best option Omololu Omotosho forms his own political party, gets it registered, and raises money from Nigerian youths at home and the diaspora?   Nigeria is not France. But if President Emmanuel Macron can form his own political party and win, maybe we can also do this in Nigeria.
About Author
Omololu Omotosho is a 2013 Fellow with ex-president Obama’s policy organization, Organizing for Action.

Last Edited by:Sandra Appiah Updated: June 3, 2017


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