Yara Shahidi’s hair trim on Instagram is freaking everyone out

Yara Shahidi. Photo: Getty

Everyone is feeling the effects of being quarantined to keep the streets safe and prevent the spread of coronavirus. Being in self-isolation has its perks and sometimes people tend to explore way more than they should.

Yara Shahidi is loved for her lovely curls. Her Instagram followers, including some celebrity stylist friends, were mortified when she took a pair of craft scissors to her natural hair.

The Grown-ish star’s stylist friends started giving her tips on how to clip her hair in her comments section and we all took our pens and notepads to take notes.


Here is a glimpse of what went on in her comments.

Kendall Dorsey, Yara’s hairstylist was ready to sweep in to rescue her client’s hair. “Officially breaking quantin @chocolatemommyluv please remove the shears my jet is on the way.”

Salon owner Annagjuid “Kee” Taylor, asked Yara to use shears from (HerStrandzOfHair) instead of the juvenile scissors we see in the clip.

Jenatkinhair hurriedly came in to deter the talented beauty from over clipping at her curls, dropping a firm “Nooooo.’ And Tym Wallace Hair was simply perplexed. “Uhm,” he wrote.

Yara replied when everyone was getting giddy with her trim and she had to reassure her followers that her hair is not ruined. “Bangs went well but please stop me from cutting my hair all together.”

Boy, weren’t we all glad. Can you imagine bald Yara? She’d still look gorgeous but I believe we all love her luscious curly hair.

She even rehashed her past experience with self-trimming her own hair when she was 18 which didn’t really go well. I believe she now knows how to cut her bangs and so do we.

Last Edited by:Ama Nunoo Updated: February 4, 2021


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