Yoga influencer had surgery to reduce her breasts then they regrew 8 years later – a rare medical anomaly

Stephen Nartey March 06, 2024
Echo Elliott/ Photo credit: Echo Elliott via LinkedIn

Yoga influencer Echo Elliott is known for her stunning poses on Instagram, mostly ranging from photos and videos of the energetic 28-year-old in eye-popping yoga stunts centering on leg-behind-head while doing a headstand, or an improbable looking backbend while balancing upside-down on her forearms.  

But, this routine took a different twist when she underwent a breast reduction, a procedure undertaken by around 10,000 women annually. This operation involves tissue removal and breast reconstruction, often to alleviate back pain caused by disproportionately large breasts, according to Daily Mail.

Elliott’s case stands out as she underwent a second breast reduction surgery, a rare occurrence. Originally from Birmingham, she first underwent the procedure at 21 due to the physical discomfort and unwanted attention caused by her 30KK bust.

The initial reduction, which brought her down to a D cup, was described as “life-changing,” liberating her from both physical discomfort and societal scrutiny. However, her breasts regrew over time, necessitating a second surgery.

The yoga teacher decided to become a yoga teacher, but, later observed her bust size increasing within a few years. By the time of her second breast reduction surgery, her breasts had grown even larger. Through her decision to share her journey, Elliott explained the benefits of breast reduction surgery while also acknowledging that, in rare cases, it may not be a singular solution.

“I want to shed light on the difficulties that women with very big breasts face,” she explained. “I have students who have big boobs and are considering a reduction. I hope they see what a good thing surgery has been for me. To wake up every day and not be in agony, it’s magic. But I’m terrified they might grow back again.”

Elliott’s situation appears to be a medical rarity, as confirmed by consultations with prominent breast surgeons and senior hormone specialists.

While none had encountered a case like hers before, they agreed that genetic and hormonal factors could potentially explain such occurrences.

“A case like this is as rare as you can get,” consultant plastic and reconstructive surgeon Rieka Taghizadeh, based at St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, said.

“It is likely the glandular breast tissue that remained after the first operation grew in size, but it’s difficult to speculate about why. Pregnancy, weight gain and menopause also affect hormone levels and, as a result, cause breast growth, but none of these things apply in this case.

“One reason could be that a woman, for genetic reasons, has very hormone-sensitive breast tissue – I have seen this in younger patients who have had reductions and then experienced some regrowth. Nothing to this degree, but it can happen.”

Elliott, who originally hails from Leicester, recalled that she was “a bit behind the other girls at school”, adding: “I got bullied for being flat chested.”

“But I developed quickly at the age of 14 or 15 and then ended up getting lots of sexual comments from boys at school. And because I was curvy I looked older than I was, so I had a lot of attention from older men too.

“I was constantly aware of people looking at me, so I wore a big, black hoodie which I’ve only just thrown away. I lost all my confidence.”

Elliott’s dissatisfaction with her body prompted her to attempt weight loss in hopes of reducing her bust size. Despite rigorous exercise and dieting, her efforts were unsuccessful. At 20 years old and residing in Birmingham, she sought medical advice from her GP due to persistent back and shoulder pain, ultimately leading her to consider breast reduction surgery.

“It was like a constantly dragging sensation between my shoulder blades,” she said. “It felt like my head was being pulled down. I would get headaches and pain in my neck. During my period, my breasts would get bigger and the pain would get worse.”

The yoga influencer said she became self-conscious and felt uncomfortable leaving the house at some point in her life. According to her, she constantly drew unwanted attention due to her large bust.

She began to associate her attractiveness solely with her breasts, leading to a significant blow to her self-esteem.

Her GP referred her to an NHS surgeon. “The surgeon was lovely, and agreed that they were too big for my frame,” she recalled. “If I could have, I’d have gone completely flat – I just wanted them gone – but he dissuaded me.”

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