11-year-old golfer and entrepreneur with autism gets full-ride scholarship to South Florida’s only HBCU 

Abu Mubarik July 20, 2022
Photo by Fox4/Jacqueline Jimenez

Florida entrepreneur Carter Bonas was given a full scholarship to Florida Memorial University at the recent HBCU Golf Classic held in Naples. The 11-year-old golfer with autism founded Spectrum Golf which sells quality golf apparel, such as hats, shirts, and pants.

“The Spectrum Golf pants carry an inspirational message on the inner belt loop reminding the wearer to ‘be determined’ and ‘lead the way, inspiring them to embrace their differences and work hard to achieve their dreams,” he noted on his LinkedIn profile.

Bonas founded his business during the pandemic because he was afraid his parents would die and no one would take care of him. Today, not only is he a business owner, he will now be attending college to get the skills needed to take his company to the next level.

According to CBS, Bonas made close to $7,000 in 2021 and he is already aiming to double his revenue this year.

Bonas has autism and named his company “Spectrum” in order to empower himself and let others know that they don’t have to hide from their diagnoses, according to Fox4. He was diagnosed at about 10 months old with Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of Autism Spectrum Disorder, according to Spectrum’s website.

“Hi, I’m Carter and this is Spectrum Golf,” he said in a promotional video for Spectrum Golf. “I started this business on my 10th birthday. The reason why I called it Spectrum Golf is its importance to embrace your differences.”

Bonas could not speak until he was 4 due to his condition. Now he speaks regularly at school and in front of business executives to inspire people to reach their full potential. He also has celebrity friends including legendary golfer Ernie Els.

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