4 major cities in Africa still holding on to their colonial names

Fatiatu Inusah May 01, 2019
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The name Johannesburg is surrounded by many controversies regarding its origin. Some history documents say it was named after Johann Friedrich Bernhard Risik and Christian Johannes Joubert. However, many theories have come up to contradict this finding with the view that many people bearing the name ‘Johannes’ held positions of importance in the Zuid-Afrikaansche Republic (ZAR or Transvaal Republic) or were involved in the events leading up to the founding of the town. Precise record of the origin of the name is still not known. The city rose to prominence following the discovery of gold in June 1884 in Witwatersrand. Commonly referred to as Jo’burg, the city has risen to become the most prosperous and developed metropolis in Africa. Johannesburg is clearly of Afrikaans origin but its local name before it was given its present name remains unknown.

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