4 Reasons Why You May Not Be Landing That Job

Sandra Appiah October 24, 2011

So you are a recent graduate and have spent months or maybe even years trying to land that dream job. Upon the thousands of positions that you have applied for, you are yet to receive that phone call that will change your life.

In college, you were probably taught 4 Reasons Why You May Not Be Landing That Jobthat your resume is the determining factor so you’ve adjusted it multiple times and had your friends and family review it, yet nothing is happening.

That is because there is way more to securing a good job than having a great resume.  The job searching process is one that requires specific techniques and approaches, and chances are, you are missing a very important part of the puzzle. Let's take a look at the 4 outstanding points below that could be the reason why you are not landing the job.

1) How is your  resume presented?                                                               

Consider your resume to be your first method of introduction to a company. When you meet an important person for the first time, what is the impression that you want them to collect of you? Keep this thought in mind as you draft your resume. Most Employers take only 7-10 seconds to review a resume. Do not waste time talking about unnecessary accomplishments, especially if they do not pertain to the job that you are seeking. Customize your resume for each company that you are applying for and sell yourself to the best of your ability in that one page sheet.

2) Who is your resume reaching?                                                                         

When your advisors told you that finding a job is all about who you know, they were not lying! The best and most efficient way to secure a job is to directly go through someone in the company that you may know. But what are the chances that you will actually know someone? Rare! Therefore your only option is to try to establish a relationship with someone there. Before sending your resume, give the company a call and speak with someone from the HR office. Even if its just a basic introduction of yourself, this may very well place you ahead of the multiple other applicants who did not make a personal contact. So make sure your resume is getting into the hands of someone you know or someone that you can do a follow up with. Never trust electronic submissions alone to do the job for you. They most likely wont!

3) How well prepared are you on the day of the interview?

If your resume got in the right person and you've been asked to come in for an interview, then you are one step closer to your goal. However this is the most important part of the process. Your performance during the job interview will determine whether you will have a future with the company. Be prepared as much as possible for the interview. Take some time to do research on the company that you might be joining. It is always a good idea to come with a few questions to ask the interviewer to better broaden your knowledge on the company. Look up tutorials on how to dress up appropriately for an interview and make sure you get a good night sleep the day before the interview. On the day of the interview, make plans to arrive at least 15 minutes early. The worse thing you can do to yourself is to be late for an interview. You will never forgive yourself for this. Most importantly believe in yourself and in the skillset that you will be bringing to the company. Do not appear to be desperate for the job. You will not get it! Rather be confident, and be ready to sell yourself. Your goal is to make the employer believe that you have a unique skillset and will add to the value of the company. Remember that there may be hundreds of other applicants seeking for the same position. Why should you be hired over them?

4) What step do you take after the interview?

Congratulations! You've got the most difficult tasks out of the way. Now you are glued to your phone waiting for the call. Did you send a thank you note to the interviewer? This is a very important step that people often miss. Remember, you are competing with hundreds of other applicants. This is one of the steps that can really make you stand out. So the day after your interview, make sure you send a nice thank you note to the person that interviewed you and let them know that you are expecting their decision. After this step, wait for a couple of weeks before doing another follow up. There is a thin line between being active in pursing what you want, and becoming a nuisance. Don't become a nuisance by sending hundreds of follow up emails or making phone calls everyday. Give the employer time to decide, and be patient. Remember, if you sold yourself well, then they need you more than you need them.

If you master these four essential points, you are well on your way to landing that dream job. Good luck!

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