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by , at 12:00 pm, January 05, 2017, Features

5 Dangerous African Traditions That Should Be Dropped


Young girls undergoing sexual cleansing. Photo Credit: Kenya News

Sexual Cleansing

Sexual cleansing of young girls and widows is regarded as one of the most harmful African traditions in modern history. Unfortunately, the practice is very rampant in different parts of the continent including Malawi, Uganda, Kenya, and several others.

In Malawi, girls as young as 12 are forced to have sex with a hired male sex worker, locally known as “hyena,” as a way of initiating them into womanhood. What’s worse, these “hyenas” do not use any form of protection when performing this ritual, thus exposing young girls to deadly diseases such as HIV and early pregnancies.

New widows are also required to sleep with these “hyenas” as a way of cleansing them and protecting them from the spirit of death. This practice has obviously played a huge role in the spread of HIV.

  • nml

    I disagree with the last item – traditional healing. In the West its called complementary alternative medicine and it is well regarded or at least respected. Not everyone wants to co-sign with western medicine which has it’s own problems…..

    • david

      Agreed, there are pros and cons.
      In South Africa they are trying to register traditional healers.