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by , at 02:00 pm, January 04, 2017, Features

Whites-Only Town in SA is a Sign of Continued White Supremacy

Residents of Orania town in South Africa. Photo Credit: Reddit

Located along the Orange River in the dry Karoo region of Northern Cape Province, Orania has been the subject of many discourses, both in Africa and abroad, particularly because of its apparent racial bias. Orania, a Whites-only town, was established in 1994 by Carel Boshoff III, the son-in-law of the architect of the deadly Apartheid in South Africa, H.F. Verwoerd.

Boshoff III and several other White South Africans bought an abandoned workers village during the last phase of Apartheid and turned it into a Whites-only town where the majority Blacks were and are still not allowed to reside.

According to historical accounts, the aim of establishing the town was to create a stronghold for White South Africans and protect the Afrikaner identity by keeping their language and culture alive.

For many years, critics have accused Orania authorities of rejecting the concept of a Rainbow Nation and attempting to recreate the idea of White supremacy, more than two decades after the end of Apartheid.

No Black South African or any other person who is not an Afrikaner is allowed to reside in Orania town, even if they speak Afrikaans or are married to an Afrikaner.

Residents of the town, which is estimated to host about 1,300 people, are often screened by a special committee and new applications are rigorously vetted to remove any pretenders to their cause.

Orania’s relationship with the rest of South Africa is non-confrontational and although many oppose the community’s aspirations, the government of South Africa recognizes the town as legitimate.

Even so, the notion that a certain community can segregate itself from the rest of the world on the basis of skin color, language, sexuality, or religion is parochial and discriminatory.

Culture Erosion and Crime

The residents of Orania contend that their self-imposed segregation comes out of the desire to preserve their linguistic and cultural heritage and to protect themselves from the high levels of crime in the rest of South Africa.

Although not all Afrikaners in South Africa live in Orania, most of them support the idea of having an Afrikaner-only town as it makes them feel secure, thus minimizing tensions in the rest of the country.

Many of them liken the town to Israel, which serves as a safe haven for Jews from all over the world.

The majority of residents in this small town say they used to be regular victims of violent crime before relocating to Orania.

South Africa has one of Africa’s highest crime rates, with the majority of crimes committed by the Blacks.

Despite the significant steps that have been taken towards eradicating racial discrimination in South Africa, racial attacks are still very common in the country, with Blacks accusing Whites of advancing bigotry agendas that were common during Apartheid.

Many critics view the establishment of a Whites-only town in a Rainbow Nation such as South Africa as a way of advancing the dishonorable concept of White supremacy.

This is not to say that White people in South Africa or any other part of the world shouldn’t protect themselves if they feel threatened. However, they should do so without disregarding the dignity other people, be they Black or Yellow.

Poll Should towns like Orania be allowed to segregate themselves based on race?

  • david

    Sorry but you are talking nonsense, have you actually done any research on this town, how it operates and what South Africans of all colors think of it.

    Its whites only meaning they do everything themselves and the land is not exactly some magical Eden, it is a tough land and they have to work very hard to get anything to grow.

    No blacks are oppressed there and they have good relations with the neighboring black communities

    This slapdash journalism which lacks depth is rather sad

    • Michael Anderson

      Who cares what people think? What matters is the concrete reality. Of course some white man had to come and to come to the defense of white supremacy. If no blacks live there then of course no blacks are oppressed there…

      This slapdash comment which lacks depth (and honesty) is rather sad.

      • david

        What supremacy, they want to live apart and ask nothing except that they be left alone

        There are plenty of articals on it and I doubt you have ever visited even though you would be treated well by the inhabitants.
        Some white man lives in SA and doesnt particularly care for their ideas, but as far I can see they are not hurting anyone.
        It helps if you think of them as a tribe and this their tribal land, which makes sense if you look at the selection criteria
        The two main criteria are that you must respect Afrikaner traditions and the Afrikaans language, and you must respect the Christian religion.
        As I said you are just on your hobby horse looking for something to offend you, especially from a white man.

        • Michael Anderson

          You can be cool with segregation if you’d like. I’d rather not support white supremacy thank you very much.

          • david

            Didnt say I support them, did I.

            They wouldnt accept me into their community anyway, but be that as it may I still think they should be left alone unless they are actively causing problems.

            This is actually a cultural issue and not a race issue, they are try to preserve their culture and language.

            Look at it as been similar to the Mormons in america.

          • Michael Anderson

            “What supremacy, they want to live apart and ask nothing except that they be left alone”

            Supporting whites who want to segregate away from blacks is supporting them and supporting white supremacy. For language and culture; this is what racist segregationist have said for all time in all places. Give me a break.

            The Mormons in America? Do you mean the little cults that are raping girls in Utah? Do you mean the mormons of old who did not allow blacks into the religion? You are using a religion with a racist, segregationist past as your example here? 😀 good stuff.

          • david

            Hey if there was a black community that wanted to do this then I would have no problem with it. Hang there is, its called tribal land and you can only reside there if the chief agrees to let you.

            You have quite a chip on your shoulder there, is it heavy?

            Are you by chance an american?

          • Michael Anderson

            They don’t get to claim a part of the Earth for white people to segregate and not be racist. It’s rather simple and your claims of culture and whatnot, just no…. Take an cultural anthropology course FFS.

          • david

            So you are against private property and been allowed to do what you want on your property as long as it doesnt break the law?

          • david

            With regard to your comment on culture why do you disagree?

  • big chief

    Why don’t they go back to europe, u kno their actual home?

    • Ian Lyttle

      You must know that all life started in Africa, the Afrikaner left Africa 2 million years ago, they spend some time in Europe and have been back for 400 years. Why should they move again?

      • Angelo Normand

        Why must whites keep invading others home then complain about where they’re at? Then wanna push supremacy against those who want nothing if them. So yea, go home and stay there!

        • david

          Some whites in SA that go back over 200 years and they didnt have much choice in where they were born

          • Angelo Normand

            If they can establish all white places, then they can go home and do the same. No excuse. Don’t like the actual native people in their own ancestral homeland, then go home, period!

          • david

            Where exactly is their ancestral homeland?
            South Africa is their homeland.

            Its amazing the hue and cry been kicked up all of a sudden over this. Especially since they are living peacefully there doing their own thing and actually doing it very well.

            Are you a SAn?

          • david

            According to its founders, the purpose of Orania is to create a town where the preservation of Afrikanerdom’s cultural heritage is strictly observed and Afrikaner selfwerksaamheid (“self reliance”) is an actual practice, not just an idea. All jobs, from management to manual labour, are filled by Afrikaners only; non-Afrikaner workers are not permitted unless they have skills no resident has. “We do not want to be governed by people who are not Afrikaners”, said Potgieter, the previous chairman. “Our culture is being oppressed and our children are being brainwashed to speak English.

            Do you want to and live there

            The area around the town is semi-arid.[59] Orania is part of the Nama Karoo biome, and receives 200-250mm of rain a year.[60] More than 30,000 trees have been planted in Orania and the surrounding farmlands.[16] Prospective residents are warned of the inclement weather conditions, with extreme temperature differences between summer and winter

          • david

            Apparently its popular with black tourist. Sort of like township tours.

      • rimo

        you are stupid or what? with your logic, the entire humanity would live in africa… you are dutch, ok netherland is shit, but you are from here.

        • david

          So skin colour determines where you should live?

  • Shamell Theoffical Cartell

    to me this is bullshit and a slap in the face to the people of tht country. thts like us taking our own spot in england or where the fuck yall truely originated from and so no whites allowed. period. we r self reliant so it makes no difference to the surrounding cities on what we allow. shit. our blk asses would b dead sure enough. this to me is sad . and shows what type of ppl still exist . but i blame africa. they should rise up and push all the bullshit out of their country period.

    • Ian Lyttle

      This article is full of bull and I suggest you visit the place before you make up your mind

      • BlackSon

        Ian wake up and smell the black coffee, you are in Africa. Why are we not allowed to reside on this land since you are defending this place so much?

        • chris

          you reside where you are. There are other Africans that does not share your culture and value systems.

        • david

          We have the strange concept in SA called private property wherby you exchange this thing called currency in order to purchase a specified area of land. You are then entiteled to do what you want on said land as long it is within the bounds of the constitution.
          FYI you do not own the mineral rights those belong to the government.

    • david

      They are south africans so they have a right to live there, as for wanting to live apart let them they are not hurting or suppressing anyone.
      Its built on a private farm.

      Both the EFF and the ANC have visited there and are willing to leave them alone.

      You talk about been self reliant and that is what they are, also the land is very tough to work so its not some sort of magical eden.

      You Americans are really quite funny about something that the majority of africans in SA are not paticulary concerned about

      FYI these people have no link to Europe beyond their skin colour,

    • Clipper

      You could not survive on your own even if you tried. Just look at Zim

      • Shamell Theoffical Cartell

        survive on my own? clearly all of my ancestors survived on their own so wht would make me ne different . im damn sure a tax payin citizen like the rest. seems like yall cant survive with out the help of other cultures .

  • Shamell Theoffical Cartell

    white people love to defend the bullshit their race subjects the rest of the world too

    • chris

      every thing is about race with blacks …. jealous …

    • Clipper

      Awwww, shame, another “I feel sorry for myself” little person

    • david

      At what point does white stop been white?

  • Clipper

    Obviously the writer of this rubbish is not an Afrikaner and does not have the slightest idea of what is happening in the country. The poll question suggest that he is not just a poor writer of rubbish, but is also a racist.

    • david

      I doubt he did any true research for this artical beyond google.

  • ”William Frank Moffatt”

    Even so, the notion that a certain community can segregate itself from
    the rest of the world on the basis of skin color, language, sexuality,
    or religion is parochial and discriminatory.

    Isn’t that what every country in the world does already.

  • Clipper

    Just a last word to all the people who wrote comments here. You are all typical of the problem in SA – you have very small minds, you believe all the crap people tell you and you are the most racist bunch of bigots I have ever seen together in one place

    • david

      I think some are americans not SAns, so dont be to hard on them.

  • Edge

    Oh man, it’s an Asian women’s dream!!

  • david

    I wonder if a large amount of the criticism is not due to jealously over the fact that they are successful in their endeavor and are not actually oppressing anyone?

    They are apparently on good terms with most of the local African tribes and their methods of self sufficiency have been shown as a good example of how to do it.

    Here a thought why dont you armchair SJW lot get of your rear ends and go and visit to make an informed decision.

    Personally I have no interest in visiting there.

    • Marcel Bas

      Of course. The more Orania – and organisations like Solidarity – succeed, the worse it makes South Africa look.

  • Amelu Arts

    Foolishness, how can you be in AFRICA and want a White only town. Come out of the country and go back to your own European country then. Isn’t that what these White supremacists in the West always say to us, even though we were born and grew up here???

    • david

      They dont see themselves as European and consider themselves to be a tribe of african origen same as the zulu,xhosa, sotho, venda etc.

      They are doing this to preserves their culture and way of life

      Only people speaking Afrikaans and identifying themselves as Afrikaners may settle in Orania.

  • david

    Orania was established as a place to protect the Afrikaans culture and Christian values. In 1991, the founding fathers bought 500 hectares of parched Karoo scrubland for R1.6 million Rand. Photos of the place then show a desolate, abandoned wasteland whose only redeeming feature was proximity to the Orange River. 24 years later there has been a remarkable transformation – perhaps unrivalled on Earth.
    Orania now is over 8,000 hectares (80 square kilometres) and worth over R500 million. Just over 1,000 people live there. Efficient, modern irrigation systems have turned the brown semi-desert green, growing crops of lucerne, maize, almonds, olives and, for some reason I don’t understand, pecan nuts. Orania seems to have developed a niche market in pecan nuts.
    It also grows fruit, vegetables and flowers in greenhouses, and has livestock. Its industrial centre provides for all of its water, sewerage and electricity infrastructure. It provides its own services yet pays taxes to South Africa.
    It is acutely sensitive of environmental protection, and uses in a sensible way the best benefits of solar power, modern agriculture and waste separation (at our chalet, there were two rubbish bins marked “Herwinbaar” and “Nie Herwinbaar”).
    The schools in Orania, using both traditional and informal teaching methods, have got a 100% matric success, sending their pupils to universities all over South Africa. There is essentially no crime. There is no unemployment.
    All the work is done by the white inhabitents with no black labour at all.

  • david

    From the mouth of our current President

    “Zuma said: “It is the only white tribe in a black continent or outside of Europe which is truly African, the Afrikaner.”

  • Marcel Bas

    This is my third attempt since Thursday to have this posted –

    Orania is not a Whites-only town, but an Afrikaner-only town. Afrikaners form a cultural entity, and as such they are allowed to geographically group themselves under articles 185 and 235 of the South African Constitution.
    Likewise, the communities of Eersterust (Coloured people) and Mnyameni (Xhosa people) are cultural safe havens for other cultural entities. People in these communities are trying to continue their way of life in their own high-trust society. That has nothing to do with racial supremacy. Orania does not aim to compete with other ethnic groups, let alone to rule over them.
    Surely, you are not calling Mnyameni a ‘Blacks-only town’, populated by ‘Black supremacists’?

  • david

    The biggest problem with many people is that they see everyone with a white skin as been part of a single homogenous culture that all look, think and act the same. While in reality it is far more complicated.