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by , at 12:00 pm, January 05, 2017, Features

5 Dangerous African Traditions That Should Be Dropped


A lady with albinism nursing injuries after she was attacked by assailants who wanted her body parts. Photo Credit: Raw Africa

Ritual Killing

As bizarre as it may sound, some African communities still practice ritual killing. This rite is usually performed under the instructions of a traditional chief, king, or soothsayer. In Tanzania, people with albinism are often killed and their body parts used for witchcraft.

The practice is also very common in Malawi, where some people have made a fortune selling albino body parts in the black market. Witch doctors claim to use these body parts to bring material wealth and prosperity.

Some Africans also believe that having sex with an albino helps to cure HIV. This has also contributed immensely to the spread of the virus.

  • nml

    I disagree with the last item – traditional healing. In the West its called complementary alternative medicine and it is well regarded or at least respected. Not everyone wants to co-sign with western medicine which has it’s own problems…..

    • david

      Agreed, there are pros and cons.
      In South Africa they are trying to register traditional healers.