5 ships that transported enslaved Africans across the Atlantic to the Americas

Farida Dawkins September 05, 2018
A diagram of the Brookes slave ship...Flickr

The Transatlantic Slave Trade occurred during the 16th century through to the 19th century. It involved enslaving Africans from central and western Africa and bringing them to the Americas and the Caribbean.

Europeans in search of free labor and Africans in search of a profit enslaved and sold Africans to work in the Americas and the Caribbean. Cooperation within colonizers and African slave traders, violence and coercion were the tools used to accomplish the aforementioned.

It is estimated that 12 million slaves crossed the seas to unfamiliar territory disrupting familial patterns and affecting many generations to come, including the current ones.

Scroll through to learn about the five ships that transported slaves during The Trans-Atlantic trade:

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