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These were the first white collar jobs Africans were allowed to do in the colonial days

After the Europeans had fully settled in Africa through colonisation and the slave trade, they began to restructure African societies to fit their standard way of living. This had a large effect on African societies as Africans had to forcefully adjust to the new systems that the Europeans brought with them.

Much of the lands were sold to the Europeans by greedy chiefs and landowners while a larger part of the lands was forcefully taken to build their castles, homes and forts. But the proper settling of Europeans meant that more structures to run businesses, operation and offices needed to be built. This started the introduction of white collar jobs into Africa.

After years of resisting the influences of the Western cultures, many Africans realised the need to advance with the western societies to fit in and make progress in life. Much of their land and trade had been taken away, and not everyone could serve as a member of their forces. As education was being introduced, white collar jobs became a norm in the society.

Here is a list of the first white-collar jobs that Africans were allowed to do in the colonial era.

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