6 African foods believed to increase chances of having twins

Mildred Europa Taylor June 27, 2019
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Pic credit: South Africa Today


Consuming milk and other dairy products could increase a woman’s chance of having twins, health experts say. A recent study in the Journal of Reproductive Medicine found that women who consumed more dairy and dairy derivatives are five times more likely to have twin babies in comparison to women who drink lesser milk or consume lesser dairy products. The study also suggested that animal-product foodstuffs, particularly, dairy foods could boost the production of a protein called insulin-like growth factor (IGF) in women. This could promote the release of eggs by the ovary. In other words, when one consumes more milk, their ovaries may release more eggs, so that two are more likely to be fertilized at the same time. The protein called insulin-like growth factor is found in cow’s milk and can also be obtained from other animal products. #African foods


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