6-year-old student prays for her teacher to find a husband: ‘She needs a man that cooks for her’

6-year-old Emora is helping her teacher, Angelique Williams, find her perfect match. People reported that Emora gained popularity in October after Williams shared a video of her praying for the teacher to find a husband. 

Williams captioned the post, “This child won’t leave me alone!!! Every time she see me she asks…  Dean Williams did your husband find you. This has been going on since last school year I give her my answer every time ‘No’ and she did this today …  With her girls pumping her up at the end.”

The pair came on The Jennifer Hudson Show to discuss Emora’s efforts to assist Williams. The instructor revealed on the episode that she and Emora were sitting together after school during the previous school year when Emora turned to ask her whether she had a husband.

“I said, ‘No. Why would you ask me that?’ She said, ‘Because you’re pretty.’ And I said, ‘Just cause you pretty baby don’t mean you’re gonna have a husband,’” Williams told Jennifer Hudson.

According to the teacher, instead of welcoming her back, Emora questioned Williams whether she’d found a husband yet when she saw her this school year. The 6-year-old hasn’t stopped asking her the same question since.

Explaining her reason for continuously asking the same thing, Emora told Hudson, “When she told me when she was single, I wanted to pray for her.”

The dedicated teacher noted that she and Emora have a special relationship. During the show, they even displayed the handshake they invented together. They also talked about how they’d discussed the attributes Williams seeks in a partner.

“She needs a man that cooks for her,” Emora expressed. 

The audience erupted in laughter when the 6-year-old stood forward and said, “If you have a husband that plays on the video games all day, you better break up with him!”

Dollita Okine

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