7 Reigning African First Ladies With Influence and Style

Charles Ayitey April 08, 2016
First lady of Gambia, Zeinab Suma Jammeh (Photo: www.businessinsider.in)

First ladies the world over remain the epitome of elegance, beauty and power. Even though they are seen to be less influential on matters of politics, these women are feared to have the most influence on their husbands. Not only do they make good use of their wifely prowess but they also set the stage for fashion and feminine beauty in their respective countries.

The case of Africa is no different! Our first ladies, past and present, have always been  remembered for their choice of fashion, particularly on special national or political occasions. In fact, you dare not look more elegant than an African first lady during one of these events.

That being said, consider these seven elegant first ladies of Africa. Just the sight of them is going to cause your jaw to drop!

Last Edited by:Sandra Appiah Updated: April 8, 2016


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