A timeline of the 25 presidents of Africa’s oldest democratic republic: Liberia

Francis Akhalbey July 26, 2018

Liberia gained its independence on this day in 1847. Rightfully claiming its title as Africa’s oldest democratic republic, Liberia gained its independence well over a hundred years before the rest of Africa.

The never-before-colonized nation was founded in 1822 by former slaves and free-born blacks who resettled from the United States. The independence declaration of Liberia was done by its first black governor Joseph Jenkins Roberts, who later on became the country’s first elected president.

The country was exclusively governed by Americo-Liberians until William R. Tolbert Jr. was overthrown as president in a coup led by Samuel Doe in 1980.

To commemorate their independence day, Face2Face Africa takes you through a list of the presidents of Africa’s oldest democratic republic.

Scroll through to take a look.

Last Edited by:Ismail Akwei Updated: July 26, 2018


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