5 African Countries That Are Relocating Capital Cities

Mark Babatunde July 10, 2017
Cairo. Photo credit: Geography.Name

Every modern nation state has a capital, a city that serves as its administrative headquarters and seat of government. Capital cities also serve as major economic, cultural, and intellectual centers of a country.

Historically, the largest or most important city in many African countries “naturally” became the seat of political power after independence and most of them were unplanned.

In many instances, those cities were located on or near the coast because of the easy access to the ocean for trade and travel.

Overtime, however, some African countries had to move their capital cities and seats of government for a variety of reasons, with overpopulation and logistic challenges in the old city often cited as the chief reasons.

Administrators often say a new city built from scratch would give urban planners a chance to build a modern city without the mistakes of the old.

Here, Face2Face Africa looks at five African countries that have moved or are in the process of moving their capital city.

Last Edited by:Abena Agyeman-Fisher Updated: July 10, 2017


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