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5 Reasons Why More African Women Are Opting For Divorce

Gone are the days when women endured horrible conditions in their marriage and forced a smile when their hearts burned with anger and bitterness toward their husbands. At the time, they continued to hope situations would get better year in and out. While the African woman is strong and resilient, she continued to cook for a man who has given her no upkeep for the month. She continued to sleep with a spouse who has been in someone else’s arms. She worked hard to pay the bills even when the man could no longer bring the bacon home.

It still baffles me, though, that two love birds who were head over heels with each other — who couldn’t wait to be with each other — would one day walk away and no longer be interested in the marriage. How do you spend so much on a lavish wedding celebration in Florence and a romantic honeymoon in Honolulu, then barely a few days in to your third anniversary, you wish each other were dead and gone?

Divorce is a reality, and no relationship is immune. The moment you stop forgiving your spouse and tell yourself you can no longer bear unacceptable behaviors, then you’re on your way out. And while the separation doesn’t happen overnight, a gradual growing apart occurs: by looking down on the other person and peeping outside to check out other options, your relationship is going south. Half a century ago, there used to be few cases of divorce, but I guess in recent times, at least everyone knows someone who’s separated or filing for a divorce. Below are five reasons why more African women are opting for divorce.

Last Edited by:Abena Agyeman-Fisher Updated: May 19, 2016


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