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Afro-futurist artist shows striking comparisons between Africans and African Americans [PHOTOS]

Bridget Boakye | Contributor

Bridget Boakye May 10, 2018 at 10:49 am

May 10, 2018 at 10:49 am | Culture

Jessi Jumanji, aka Jessica Lofton, is a visual artist, graphic designer, and photographer who specializes in Afrofuturistic collages. As she aptly describes herself on social media, she is “YourFavArtistsFavArtist”, visionary, ancestral artist, and cultural curator.

Jumanji’s work combines pop culture iconography with tribal African people and designs, drawing connections between black heritage, world history, and the metaphysical.

Her recent throwback is no less important – connecting African American cultural icons to their, by and large, ancestral counterparts. In a number of stunning collages, we sell the striking resemblance between Africans and African Americans both physically and aesthetically.

At a time when the relations between Africans and African Americans seem to be constantly mended then strained, Jumanji’s work is yet another powerful reminder that the lasting truth is that we are one people.

1935 vs. 2013 Arkansas sharecropper vs. Wesley Snipes


1961 vs 1916 Stokely Carmichael vs Cameroonian Warrior


1896 vs. 2015Pygmy woman vs. actor John Boyega


1925 vs. 2013 Rwanda native vs Kevin Garnett


1904 vs 2014 Senegalese man vs actor Daniel Kaluuya (Get Out/Black Panther)


1927 vs. 2017 Madagascar Woman of Bara tribe vs. rapper, Lil Yachty


1889 vs 2016 Somalia Native vs Rapper Asap Rocky


1911 vs 2011 Congo Native vs basketball star Metta World Peace


1869 vs 2018 Afro-Brazilian woman vs actor/comedian Tracy Morgan


1889 vs 1981 Dakar, Senegal Native vs Rick James


1907 vs 2017 Andassa boy of French Congo vs Kodak Black


1884 vs 2000 Afro-Brazilian woman of Bahia vs Maya Angelou


1917 vs 2017 Tutsi tribesman of Rwanda vs Rapper Nipsey Hussle


1945 vs. 2013 “Straight Outta Georgia” Gangsta Granny vs. Gucci Mane


1916 vs. 2016 Annie Turnbo Malone vs. Former U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama


1869 vs 2017 Afro-Brazilian man vs. actor, rapper Lakeith Stanfield


1900 vs 2000 Uganda Native vs actor Wood Harris


1869 vs 2016 Afro-Brazlian woman of Bahia vs singer Alicia Keys


1908 vs 2008 Uganda Native vs. Comedian Eddie Griffin


1903 vs. 2015 Algerian Kabyle woman vs actress Kyla Pratt


1935 vs 2017 Somalia native vs rapper Lil Uzivert


1955 vs 2015 Congo Prime Minister Patrice Lamumba (1925-61) vs Mike Epps


1930 vs 2017 Congo Native vs. rapper Fettywap


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