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Sierra Leonian Man Describes Experience Surviving Ebola

Alhassan Kemokai

Here, Alhassan Kemokai holds his clean bill of health from the hospital.

Alhassan Kemokai (pictured) of Sierra Leone is counting his blessings as an Ebola survivor, after catching the deadly virus from his sick Mother.

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As Kemokai’s mother took her last breaths, he touched her hand and stroked her face with love.

Kemokai, however, did not realize that the reason for her passing was the Ebola virus.

About 10 days later, Kemokai took ill, and as the fever mounted inside of his body, he changed rooms to isolate himself from his family. By the third day, when it occurred to Kemokai that he may have Ebola, he decided to take the three-mile walk to the local Kenema Government Hospital — all the while suffering from repeated bouts of diarrhea.

And 12 days later, Kemokai found himself one of the few fortunate ones to be discharged from the hospital alive, toting a clean bill of health and a renewed future. Of his experience, Kemokai says, “I walked among corpses. Three, four, five corpses, and to see myself out, I am very excited.”

Meanwhile, doctors still aren’t sure why some, like Kemokai, are able to survive the onslaught of Ebola while most perish within a few days.

Watch Alhassan Kemokai’s Ebola journey here:


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