[Answers] Prove your knowledge of Africa by getting all these questions right

Nduta Waweru February 11, 2018

1. Which African country was the first to gain political independence? Ghana

2. This country is often referred to as the ‘’Giant of Africa’’, owing to its population. What country is this? Nigeria

3. The sixth Secretary General of the United Nations was Boutros Boutros Ghali. From which country was he? Egypt

4. Which of these large animals kill most people in Africa? Hippopotamus

5. Which country in Africa received its independence in 2011? South Sudan

6. Which country was formerly referred to as Republic of Upper Volta? Burkina Faso

7. Which African country has more French speakers than France? The Democratic Republic of Congo

8. Over 90% of this country’s wildlife is found nowhere else on earth. Which country is this? Madagascar

9. Oliver Tambo International airport is Africa’s busiest airport. In which city is this airport located? Johannesburg

10. Which island country is located about 370 miles off the coast of West Africa? Cape Verde

Last Edited by:Nduta Waweru Updated: September 29, 2018


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