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BY Francis Akhalbey, 10:56am January 02, 2018,

[Answers] Test your knowledge of great ancient African empires, kings and queens

1. A king of an ancient kingdom in Africa, he is regarded as one of the richest kings ever. His worth was estimated to be $400 billion. Who was he? King Mansa Musa

2. Regarded as one of the greatest military commanders and strategists in history, he was already on the battlefield at the age of 8. He later on succeeded his father as King of Carthage. Who was this king? King Hannibal

3. He invented the “Iklwa,” a short stabbing spear, and marched his regiments in tight formation. His warriors were very unique and difficult to defeat. Who could this king be? Shaka Zulu

4. He was seen as a generous king and loved by his people. He created the Ghana empire trading hub where all kings went to trade. Who could this be? Tenkamenin

5. Popularly known as ”Amazon Queen of Matamba” and ranked among the great rulers of Africa, being a woman didn’t stop her from organizing warriors to fight against the Portuguese. Who was this fearless queen? Queen Nzingha

6. One of these kings was a pioneer of Monotheistic religion. He ruled in ancient Egypt and preached and lived the gospel of perfect love, brotherhood, truth and oneness of God. Who was he? Amenhotep IV

7. This beautiful queen is believed to have undertaken a long and a difficult journey to Jerusalem to learn from the great king Solomon. She later on had a son with him. Who could this be? Queen of Sheba

8. Which of these ancient kingdoms/empires was not in Africa? Kushan Empire

9. Her name means “Foremost of Noble Ladies” and was ranked alongside Nefertiti and Cleopatra as Egypt’s three most important queens. She reigned longer than any indigenous female ruler of Egypt. Who could this be? Hatshepsut

10. One of these popular kings took away his own life rather than to surrender to his enemies? King Hannibal

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