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Are Black Women Unattractive?

Are Black Women Unattractive?Dr. Satoshi Kanazawa is a Japanese evolutionary psychologist and professor at the London School of Economics. Known for his controversial comments and assertions, his latest article, “Why Are African American Women Less Physically Attractive Than Other Women?” is no surprise.

In his article, published in Psychology Today, Kanazawa claims that statistical evidence “proves” that black women are less attractive than white women.

Kanazawa used data from Add Health to support his notion that black women are less attractive than white women. Add Health is a longitudinal study that follows adolescents into young adulthood. This national health study collects data regarding the participants’ health, social, economic and psychological status. 

Kanazawa, however, did not use any of this data. He instead, used data collected from the interviewers who were asked to rate the appearance of the interviewees on a scale of 1-5, with 1 being very unattractive and 5 very attractive. According to Kanazawa, the interviewers rated black women less attractive than white women.

Kanazawa’s research study is based on personal feelings. He did not control for the subjectivity that would certainly be associated with the interviewers answers. The interviewers, I am assuming, were human, which means that there had to have been major bias associated with their answers.

Are Black Women Unattractive?There are a few questions that Kanazawa should have addressed in his study. If black women are so unattractive why is tanning becoming an epidemic among white women seeking darker skin? Why have the number of lip enhancements skyrocketed in white women seeking plump, fuller lips? Why are white women all over the country wearing butt pads? Plump lips and shapely bodies are characteristic of the black women Kanazawa deems so unattractive. Why would anybody want to imitate something considered ugly and unattractive?

Unfortunately, Mr. Kanazawa’s racial propaganda has been perpetuated all over the world for centuries. Some people want black women to think that they are unwanted and unattractive, however, the truth lies on the magazine covers and television screens. Every time another celebrity suddenly appears with “fuller” lips and a bigger behind remember: imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.


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