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Barbie and Nikki tackle racism in a three-minute vlog

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There is one future the world is working assiduously to achieve, an anti-racist future. Everyone is using their platform to voice their displeasure against systemic racism and police brutality since the insurgence and revitalization of the Black Lives Matter Movement after the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.

Barbie is adding her voice to the cause in a three-minute video aimed at educating her young customers on a short much-needed sensitization lesson.

In the video released by Mattel and Barbie earlier this month, Barbie sits to have a chat with her friend Nikki to highlight the subtle but obvious ways racism is plaguing our society.

Titled Barbie and Nikki Discuss Racism, the pair are open about Nikki’s experiences with racism especially since she is Black.

Mattel said in a statement to The Glow Up, “As the most-watched series and #1 girls channel on YouTube, Barbie is using her platform to raise awareness around racism and encourage girls to stand up if they see a person treated unfairly.

‘The format of the episode consists of Barbie’s friend Nikki talking about the racism she has personally felt and share some stories that may resonate with other girls.”

The channel is a place where Barbie interacts with her consumers and teaches them some interpersonal skills as well as self-confidence.

“The goal of the episode is to help girls to understand that there is a huge movement going on in the fight against racism, why people are marching together and the importance of reading and learning more about Black history,” Mattel said.

The video begins with Barbie addressing the importance of raising one’s voice against racism. Nikki then comes in citing instances where her skin color was the basis of her being judged.

Nikki admits that its tiring having to constantly prove herself as she spoke of her experiences in school.

“Usually when I talk about these things, people make excuses…But those are just excuses. People did these things to me because I was Black, and they made the wrong assumptions about me.”

This initiative by Mattel and Barbie does not exhaust the conversation on racism but it is the start we did not know we needed to ease our children into the ongoing global conversation.

The Barbie franchise has impacted many lives. In a new study by Barbie® and neuroscientists from Cardiff University, the positive impact of playing with dolls was explored in children.

According to the study, doll play activates a part of the brain that allows children to develop empathy and social information.

“We hope that families watch this together and leverage the brand to discuss a really tough topic with a young child and hope it spurs many more conversations on how girls can support one another, especially leading up to International Day of the Girl this weekend,” the company said.

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