Can Women Better lead Africa?

Sandra Appiah May 09, 2012

I was recently at a conference focused on the African Renaissance and a young woman posed a question that made me reconsider what might be the solution to Africa’s woes. She asked if perhaps the reason why Africa has remained the poorest and most unstable continent for a very long time is because we have failed to give important leadership position to women. This question opened a can of worms and made for a very interesting and intriguing conversation about the role of women in modern day Africa.

Currently, there are two powerful African female Heads of State; Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia who became the first African female Head of State in 2005, and then more recently, Joyce Banda of Malawi who took over after the passing of President Bingu Wa Mutharika. This goes to show that Africa is making progress, however, is this enough for the full transformation of Africa to take place?

Would you agree with me and the young woman who posed the question that perhaps women would be better able to lead Africa to its renaissance?  Share your thoughts by commenting below.

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