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BY Francis Akhalbey, 8:00am January 05, 2021,

Candace Owens says Netflix and Uber Eats having Black categories is ‘segregation’, blames Democrats for that

Candace Owens registered her displeasure with Netflix and Uber Eats for having Black categories, and blamed the Left and Democrats for it -- Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

Conservative author and commentator Candace Owens is accusing the Left and “racist Democrats” of reintroducing what she labels as “rebranded segregation” after registering her displeasure with Netflix and Uber Eats for having Black categories.

Taking to her Twitter on Saturday, the controversial Owens wrote: “Netflix now has a category for ‘black cinema’. Uber Eats now has a category for ‘black restaurants.

“The Left has reintroduced segregation back into American society under the guise of progressivism— they used #BLM propaganda to anger black people to the point of blindness.”

Owens followed it up with another tweet very critical of the Democratic Party. “Racist Democrats rebranded segregation as black empowerment, and ignorant fools fell for it,” she wrote, adding: “Spoiler alert: they aren’t done yet.”

“Keep believing evil white conservatives want to bring harm to you while the actual evil white racist progressives continue to destroy your life,” she concluded.

The 31-year-old is notoriously known for using social media to taunt people and organizations – including the Black Lives Matter movement – she disagrees with. On December 22, she called out the movement, as well as the left-wing Antifa, for allegedly going after small business owners instead of some organizations whom she alleged had “robbed” Americans over a billion dollars in COVID-19 relief funds.

“Hey ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter,” she wrote. “maybe instead of sending your foot soldiers to go after innocent small business owners, you may want to divert some attention to the @smithsonian and @kencen who just robbed ALL Americans of over 1 billion dollars of Covid relief.”

Owens, in her tweet, was making reference to the provision of funds in the 900 billion COVID-19 stimulus package for the creation of Smithsonian museums for Latinx history and American women, The Sun reported.

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