Candace Owens to pay Carlee Russell’s $18k fine if she tells America where she was hiding for 48hrs

Dollita Okine October 19, 2023
Candace Owens, a popular media personality, has offered to pay Carlee Russell's $18,000 fine for faking her kidnapping. Photo Credit: Candace Owens, Wikimedia Commons

Candace Owens, a popular media personality, has offered to pay Carlee Russell’s $18,000 fine for faking her kidnapping. Owens indicated that she would pay her fine if Russell was willing to reveal the unknown facts of her widely publicized disappearance to the world.

Russell made headlines a few months ago for her alleged kidnapping scheme. Last Monday, the UAB nursing student was charged with false reporting to law enforcement and falsely reporting an incident in Alabama.

The judge suggested a one-year prison sentence, $17,874 in amends, and two extra $831 fines. During a recent episode of “Candace Owen’s Podcast“, Owens pitched an intriguing proposal to Russell.

The 34-year-old Republican media personality offered a sit-down interview in which Russell might speak about the events of the night she went missing.

“I mean that. Take it to the bank Carlee Russell. Talk to me on this show about where the heck you were for 48 hours. America deserves to know,” she said on the show, according to Shine My Crown.

According to Madame Noire Owens also said, “Now, I want to be very clear. If Carlee Russell goes to prison for one year, I will be on the visitor logs. I will be seeing her probably daily. I’ll probably at least see her once a week because I feel attached to the story. I feel attached to Carlee. Carlee feels like she’s my cousin…the way I’ve been covering her story.”

“I will give you anything, please. Come on the show! We are begging. I will pay the $18,000 fine if you sit down with me and give me a one-on-one on where you were for the 48 hours. I mean that!”

Russell frightened officials, her family, and many people across the world when she contacted the police on her way home from work, reporting a child wandering on Interstate 459. Russell, however, was nowhere to be seen when the police arrived. Almost 48 hours later, she arrived at her parents’ house, reporting that a man with orange hair had abducted her.

Owens stated on one of her podcasts that Russell “should spend some time in prison” for making a false report to the police.

“Because when you make false police reports, especially ones that become nationwide … And it required people that were outside looking for her,” Owens said, according to Newsweek. “It was a community effort trying to find her; people were scared. I mean, she traumatized an entire nation with this story.”

Three months after planning an alleged kidnapping, Russell made a not guilty plea on Wednesday, October 11, to two misdemeanors: false reporting to law enforcement and false reporting an incident.

However, the 26-year-old nursing student was found guilty of the two misdemeanor charges by Hoover, Alabama, Municipal Judge Brad Bishop.

Last Edited by:Mildred Europa Taylor Updated: October 19, 2023


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