7 cool tech gadgets in ‘Black Panther’ you wish you had

Mildred Europa Taylor February 19, 2018

Vibranium — Elite Daily


You may already be familiar with this fictional metal if you have followed the history of Marvel and its comic book universe. The metal absorbs any kinetic energy directed at it, making it practically imperishable. The metal was planted on earth by a meteorite and has been mined over centuries in the native country of Wakanda. The claws of Black Panther are made from vibranum. The same metal is woven into his armoured suit as well. In the real world, this technology could be equated with diamene, a material which was mentioned in a research published in the scientific journal Nature Nanotechnology. The diamene, according to researchers could be used to create protective coatings and armour for vehicles, soldiers and even spacecraft.


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