7 cool tech gadgets in ‘Black Panther’ you wish you had

Mildred Europa Taylor February 19, 2018

Shuri showing her brother new features of the Black Panther costume —

Black Panther suit

T’Challa’s suit is more advanced than any worn by previous superheroes in Marvel’s comic films. His suit has the ability to absorb, redistribute and discharge energy. Watch the film to see how powerful that was. His sister, Shuri also outfits him with EMP grenades when he visited her lab. These grenades do not affect his Vibranium-powered tech. She also shows Black Panther the shoes, which started as just a pair of soles but then the rest kind of grew out of them. Shuri explained that the shoes are fully automated. She also showed T’Challa two costumes that appear similar, apart from the colour of their necklaces. She tells him that the entire suit is now stored in the chain of teeth.


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