Colombia man stages scary robbery to ask for his girlfriend’s hand in marriage

Stephen Nartey January 30, 2024
Image: Jam Press Vid/New York Post

It isn’t the everyday conventional way people adopt to catch a lady’s attention. But, a Colombian man decided to stage an elaborate armed robbery to propose to his girlfriend. The incident, captured in a viral video on Instagram, showed a red car being blocked at an intersection by a pedestrian and a motorcycle.

Then two individuals approached the vehicle, instructing the occupants—a man and a woman—to exit. The situation intensified as two men on another motorcycle joined the apparent “carjacking”, as reported by the New York Post.

The terrified couple were forcibly removed from their car by the assailants. One of the men appeared to brandish a small concealed handgun. The situation escalated further when two members of the group compelled the male motorist to kneel in the middle of the street.

In a surprising turn of events, the men abruptly stopped their aggressive behavior, and the kneeling individual brought out a wedding ring, explaining that the entire “robbery” was an elaborate setup for a marriage proposal.

The accomplices celebrated with applause and cheers, proud of their audacious wedding deception. Initially outraged, the woman playfully smacked her fiancé before being overcome with tears of joy at the unexpected and emotional turn of events.

The prankster successfully managed to win her heart through the unexpected and daring marriage proposal. The two later embraced after the woman accepted the proposal. The bold and odd approach attracted praise on social media, with one fan dubbing it “the best proposal.”

“You have to love someone wholeheartedly to be with them in health and sickness, in kidnappings or robberies,” quipped another.

Some were also less thrilled with the staged armed robbery proposal, with one critic labeling it an “incitement to violence”.

“How sad it is to have violence and insecurity so normalized,” lamented one viewer on Instagram.

“I say no to him!!!” said another. “Imagine the other proposals? Love you want to go on vacation and fake a kidnapping.”

This is not the first time an individual has opted to propose under the guise of theft. In 2019, a bozo was ripped mercilessly after staging an armed robbery at a convenience store in Erie County, NY, as a means to propose to their significant other.

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