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Sandra Appiah December 09, 2011

This project aims to serve as a Family, Community and Youth Forum.  The state of the world has grown exponentially diverse and this network will give a voice to real people with real time issues.  Also, CCN will build a network to provide information and resources specific to you. Topics and issues will be identified through participation in order to be responsive to current matters.

This project will function as radio programming, teleconferencing, and interactive tools on the website.  Project will launch in phases:

Phase I: MonAmieRadio Show: (Every Monday, 8-9pm)

Host: MonAmieNaaimat

Dial in to listen:  (712) 432-0900     

Code: 357347 then press *61 to speak

Watch live:

Phase II: Website and additional networks (Coming December 2011)

Community Network (Launch Dec. 5th)
African Network (Dec. 2011)
Religious Network (Coming 2012)

Phase III: Events
As a Network, you can Share:

Share your experiences and relate to others facing the same issues
Share advice on how you handled your situation
Share your opinion as to how to handle issues
Share yourself as a resource and play a role in creating change

As a support Group, you can Build:

Build a family/ community
Build a network
Build a safe haven
Make friends

As a Community, you can Grow:

Grow a voice
Grow as a person
Grow in your community
Grow your network

For more information: Like CCN on Facebook

Follow your host on Twitter: @MonAmieNaaimat


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