Compensate me $315k annually if you want me to have a baby: London influencer tells future husband

Stephen Nartey December 11, 2023
London influencer Jenny Darling. Photo: Screenshot via New York Post

A 23-year-old London influencer, Jenny Darling, has disclosed that she won’t undergo the physical sacrifices of pregnancy unless compensated with $315,000 annually. She explained that the funds are for therapy, a personal trainer, and baby-related expenses, along with receiving a push present and a mommy makeover.

According to her, creating human life involves significant sacrifice. “Creating a human life takes a lot of sacrifice,” Darling told SWNS. “I’d never put my body through that for free. I’m not built to suffer.”

Despite never desiring children and expressing a willingness to have her uterus removed, the content creator said she would only consider motherhood if certain conditions were met.

She claimed that she would want to be married before she gets pregnant, have a prenuptial agreement with an infidelity clause, and experience a babymoon abroad for her to consider becoming a mom, as reported by the New York Post.

“Kids are expensive. I wouldn’t want to bring a child into this world to suffer,” she explained. “I would have kids on the terms it’s a good motherhood experience for me.”

In addition to the $315,000 annual allowance, the influencer added that her “non-negotiables” for motherhood include a doula and a housekeeper for the initial six months after the baby’s birth. The housekeeper would then be substituted by a weekly cleaner.

Darling expressed her admiration for women who juggle cooking, cleaning, and working as mothers but noted that she won’t be adopting that lifestyle.

“I don’t know how women do cooking, cleaning, and working as a mom. I commend that, but it’s not going to be me,” she added.

Darling also argued that her sacrifice will also require the man to make available a luxury push present, like a car or an apartment, and a comprehensive mommy makeover, including a tummy tuck and a boob job.

According to her, she has no intention of working full-time, particularly in the initial years of motherhood. Although she doesn’t envision children in her future, Darling suggested she might consider it if her specified conditions, including these demands, are met.

She claimed that she doesn’t see her expectations as unreasonable.

The influencer’s specific conditions for motherhood come on the back of a controversial viral video advocating the benefits of the DINK (Dual Income, No Kids) lifestyle. In the video, personal finance content creator John Eringman, 28, highlights the perks of a child-free life, triggering a parenting debate.

Even Elon Musk, father of 11, weighed in, stating, “That’s messed up.”

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