Curaçao, the hurricane-free Caribbean island is a must-visit vacation destination, here’s why

Ama Nunoo December 17, 2019
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Curaçao pronounced ‘cure-ah-souw’ is a colourful island in the Caribbean and it is the C of the ABC islands of which Aruba is the A and Bonaire is the B. These islands and few others are outside the hurricane belt.

When planning your vacation between June 1 and November 30, known as the prime hurricane season, then you might consider having a relaxed one in Curaçao.

Relaxed in the sense that hurricanes are known to wreak havoc on the islands during this period with many tourists losing their lives. Now no one wants their vacation to end in a morbid way.

Also, around that time prices are very moderate, and no hurricane should get in the way of your vacation. What better way to destress without worry of being caught up in a hurricane than to spend your vacation in Curaçao.

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The multicultural island is located 70 miles east of Aruba and 35 miles north of Venezuela. Curaçao recently celebrated 20 years as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The last minor hurricane to hit the island was Felix in 2007 and it experiences hurricanes once in every 28.8 years.  However, the last major hurricane to hit the island was well over 60 years ago.

Aside being a hurricane-free island, the Dutch Caribbean island is not your average Caribbean island. There are whole lots of reasons why your next vacation should be in Curaçao.

In the 17th century it was the trade hotspot and some theories propound that its name is of Portuguese influence which translates as ‘heart.’

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This trade center island is known for its European influences, thus it’s not unusual to hear a mixture of English, Spanish, Dutch and Papiamento or even Portuguese on the island.

Unlike other Caribbean islands, the people of Curaçao bear European passports and the Island’s main source of income isn’t from tourism but rather ship repairs.

Cruise ships have a big pier to dock and tourists get plunged into this very historical city right away as they dock opposite the Rif Fort.

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The colourful houses and street art make the island seem like a page out of an artist’s drawing book.

When it comes to fine dining and street foods, Curaçao’s cuisine caters to everybody and you don’t have to break bank to live it up on the island.

No one visits the lovely island without having a sip of the island’s exclusive blue spirit made with citrus fruits native to Curaçao.

There are different kinds of accommodation for everyone. If you are into hostels, you’d get one and those with taste for plusher things in life have five-star resorts catering to their needs.

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There is always something to do on the Dutch Caribbean Island, from having a private time at one of their over 40 beaches to other activities like clubbing, street parties and shopping.

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Lastly, Curaçao is every divers’ paradise and snorkellers will also enjoy the island just as much. Whether you are an expert diver or a novice, there is a site suitable for your level of experience.

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