Customer demands refund after learning business owner is Black

Abu Mubarik January 22, 2022
Screenshot: @royaltysonestopshop on TikTok

A Black business owner had the shock of her life when a customer sent her an email demanding a refund after learning she was black, according to Daily Dot. The email, which has since gone viral on social media, has readers feeling shocked and disgusted.

The business owner, Tiesha, shared a screenshot of the email via Tik Tok. “Can you please cancel my order? Unfortunately, I wasn’t aware that you’re a person of color and I just don’t like to support small business[es] that do not [align] with my version of support,” the client wrote in the email.

In a back and forth, the client stated that the business owner should make it clear that she is a Black woman despite having an “About the Owner” page. She also reiterated her demand for a refund by the next day and ended the email by alluding to Martin Luther King Jr. Day, according to Daily Dot.

“Also happy holiday isn’t it your people holiday today?” the client wrote.

Tiesha then asked business owners and Blacks how they would respond to such an email, essentially asking for advice.

“All my business owners, my people of color, how would you guys respond to this email?” Tiesha asked with a screenshot of the email pulled up.

“I’m at a loss for words!! wish their friends and family and employer could see this and stop them in their tracks!” a TikTok user said.

Another user posted: “It’s so hard to believe that people are still this ignorant in 2022. Keep your head up sis! You’re the better person!”

“I would refund them and then expose them. at that point, they are not a client and can’t be defamation of character because it’s true,” a third said.

Tiesha, from Portland, Oregon, owns Royalty’s One Stop Shop. The mother of four started her business in order to help others to be “pretty and safe” with fashionable self-defense accessories. They include a window breaker, safety alarm and light, and an optional pepper spray add-on, as well as apparel.

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