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New #MikeBrown Tribute Song Inspires Me & Unites Black Youth

Don't Shoot Song the game

We all know the tragic story of Michael Brown (pictured below), who was recently shot by a police officer as he walked home to his grandmother’s house. Indeed, it was horrible, but it also sparked something not only in America but all over the world. This violence touched young and old, rich and poor, but most importantly it gave passion to our youth. I was personally touched by his shooting and will forever have a new perspective on America.

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Michael Brown funeral

As a African born and raised In America, I see firsthand the struggles of being Black in this country. America is called “the land of the free,” but all of our Black folks are still bound by chains.

It scares me to think my loving and playful little brother could be a Trayvon Martin (pictured) orTrayvon Martin a Michael Brown in this day and age. Earlier this week, my mother said something that really stuck with me, “What has really changed between 1955 and 2014 with the death of Emmett Till and now? Black boys were getting killed then and are still getting killed today.”

What is the difference?

When will a Black man walk down the street and not be afraid of getting killed? When will I know my little brother can go to the store without getting shot with a bag of skittles and Arizona drink in his hand like Trayvon Martin?

Will America ever change?

I can ask questions till my mouth gets dry and my head gets tired of thinking, but questions are not going to change anything.

Actions will.

Thursday morning on my way to volleyball practice, I listened to a popular hip-hop radio station. The radio host brought up a song, “Don’t Shoot,” by rapper The Game that was made in tribute to Michael Brown that I thought was great but the song soon left my thoughts.

Later that day while eating dinner, the song popped up in my mind again so I decided to play it. What really caught my attention was the fact that the song has been made by some of the hottest rappers today, like Rick Ross, Wale, 2 Chainz, etc.

“God ain’t put us on this earth to get murdered/It’s murder/So put your weapons down,” children sing.

And immediately the song gave me chills. This new song unites us; Black America needs to be healed and music heals the soul.

In the song, Rick Ross goes on to say, “They are killing teens/And their killing dreams/ Stole by the system Black men pay the tool/ The price is your life.”

While 2 Chains adds, “Unity is a blessing/So it’s time to come together/Use our voice as a weapon.”

Another verse:

Tired of the okey doke
You lyin’ you Pinnochio
Driving while Black tell me where am I supposed to go
Gun shots hit the car, now I got the holy ghost
Excessive force was a drug now then they overdose
God is trying to protest

It’s a slow process
Heard its a lot of rotten eggs in the crow’s nest
People praying on their feet
Police holding on with heat
Turn on the news I seen a tank rolling down the street

This is the beginning of the end: Black people are coming together, and we will not forget our Black brothers in heaven: Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Emmett Till, Ezell Ford, Sean Bell, and Eric Garner. Black people, keep your heads up high and keep screaming for justice.

Listen to “Don’t Shoot” for yourself here:


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