BY Adesewa Oyinkansola, 10:08am September 03, 2014,

Poem: Jagulabi vs. Digbolugi

boko haram and ebola

Eheh! Digbolugi has come
To overturn the table
Of the terror we cried of
Eh! Every day we cry
Jagulabi the terror
Has kidnapped our people
Has bombed our houses.

All of a sudden the story changed

Every one now talk and cry of Digbolugi
Digbolugi leaves no room for cure
Deadly oh! Deadlier than HIV
In a matter of seconds
It takes the soul of its victim

Now our beautiful girls
That were kidnapped by Jagulabi
Are no more talked about

I hope they won’t become tales
As the news is more around Digbolugi

This letter I write to you this day
To challenge you (Jagulabi) against Digbolugi

Jagulabi with your arms and weapons
We plead you kidnap Digbolugi
Replace our beautiful girls
You have in your custody
Arrest Digbolugi with its deadly venom
Lock her up and set her ablaze
So we be free of its deadly virus
That has no cure
But to take our lives
In just no time.

This letter I write to you this day
To challenge you (Digbolugi) against Jagulabi
You come with your deadliness
To cut the lives of our loved ones short.

Ah! Ah! Digbolugi
Why not go to the camp of the terrors
Tell him to release our girls to us
Tell him to stop the bombing
Tell him to put a stop to the violence
Tell him to stop being terror
To the peace of the people
And if he refuses to heed
Strike him and his armies down with your deadly venom.

Last Edited by:Abena Agyeman-Fisher Updated: March 25, 2016


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