Emotional moment woman meets 911 operator who helped her through her unexpected home birth

Ama Nunoo June 20, 2021
Samantha Lockhart and the 911 operator who helped deliver her baby over the phone both say they will never forget their encounter. Photo: GMA

Samantha Lockhart never thought she would deliver her fourth child at home alone on the phone with a 911 operator walking her through the delivery. Recently, she got to meet the operator, Keri Michaels, to show her appreciation.

Last month, the Union City, North Carolina resident found herself helpless at dawn alone with her three young children when her water broke. Her fiancé was at work doing a night shift. Lockhart called 911 and dispatcher Michaels was just that calm voice she needed in that moment of panic.

“It was about 3:30 in the morning, and she called and was very out of breath,” Michaels told Good Morning America.

“I got the address out of her after a couple of tries because she was having such a hard time speaking. And then she said she was pregnant.”

Lockhart was out of breath and struggling to speak with Michaels on the call.

“And then she proceeded to let out this loud wail. And I knew that she was already in labor, and the child was coming. And a few seconds later, I heard the baby crying,” Michaels added.

Little Avonte was welcomed safely by his mother at 8-pound, 5-ounce. Lockhart subsequently waited for help to arrive. In a recording of the 911 call, Michaels can be heard walking Lockhart through ways to keep the baby warm and that helped ease her anxiety.

“She kept me calm because you know, I was starting to freak and panic and she’s like, ‘OK, like calm down,'” said Lockhart. “She was definitely amazing. I wouldn’t have had it any other way.”

“It’s like God sent her honestly, for me, for this situation,” said Lockhart. “She kept me calm. She walked me through everything,” she added.

It is unusual for 911operators to meet up with the people they help. However, Michaels was blessed to meet the baby she helped deliver and it was a surreal moment. Lockhart affirmed that the baby came out with no complications after being checked by doctors and she was super grateful to Michaels for helping her that early morning- a moment they both will not forget.

“I will remember this call for the rest of my life,” Michaels said.

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