Entertainer Kwaku T – THE ONE TO WATCH THIS YEAR

Sandra Appiah April 12, 2011

Entertainer Kwaku T – THE ONE TO WATCH THIS YEAR Entertainer Kwaku T, well kno­wn in Africa for his role in Big Brother Africa and a staple in the GH rap phenomenon, has reinvented his brand and is positioning himself to storm the international stage. As an artist he has remained true to himself and to his fans. Kwaku T splashed onto the Ghana music scene with D-Black and as a team made great music. He has been nominated for various awards in Africa and has also been celebrated as one Africa’s most eligible celebrity bachelors.

Emerging as a solo artist on the international stage, Kwaku T is ready to show the world that he is indeed a superstar with appearances, concerts, proposed television shows and other high profile events scheduled globally. His star shines brightly and through it all he remains grounded in who he is and continues to work with non-profit organizations worldwide.

Surely this talented artist has something special that appeals to the masses and is not afraid to let it flow. The gentleman’s impeccable taste in fashion, and the uniqueness in his voice are preparing him for many projects this year. Keep your eye out for more from him as this year begins what promises to be an exciting journey for him. Stay tuned and watch this space for the latest on Kwaku T.

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