BY Sandra Appiah, 12:00am August 22, 2012,

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Passes away at 57

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Passes away at 57Long time Prime Minister of Ethiopia,  Meles Zenawi passed away Monday evening after having suffered an illness for quite a while. He was only 57 years old. A National Mourning Day has been announced in Ethiopia on his behalf. 

Deputy Prime minister Hailemariam Desalegn will take over until the expected 2015 elections, however Meles' passing has sparked uncertainty about the nation’s future.


Meles is said to have been a powerful and effective leader who brought about economic transformation to the country.

Under his leadership, a “closed and secretive Ethiopia gradually opened to the outside world.”

Kenyan  prime Minister Raila Odinga describes the situation in Ethiopia to BBC as “very fragile” and insisted that he was unsure whether the country was “sufficiently prepared for his succession.”

“One would hope they could contain the various factions within the government so that the transition is smooth,” he commented.

People are insisting that the unfortunate situation at hand will be a true test of Ethiopia’s progress and transformation.


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