Poem: The Indomitable


You are among the endangered species,
Here is its list.

If we were divided during slavery and colonialism to weaken our strengths,
Why aren’t we united and neat?

This is to our younger sisters, young brothers, and future generations:
You are indeed Queens and Kings that will always be smart and beautiful
Enjoy these words,
Partake of them,
And eat…

They are meant to fulfill your spiritual need since king of this world,
Who keeps hating us,
Will get beat.

Being the epicenter of our tumultuous times,
Jesus-Christ was given away as his traitor gave him a kiss
We have overcome any defeat!

In this world full of segregations,
And unbelievers,

I am urging my fellow Black People to exist.

Just exist!

They haven’t believed in the God in us,
That we are the Alpha and Omega,
And standing for nothing truthful,
I ask them to have a seat.

Those who refuse (continuously) to deny our beautiful existence;
They can kill our bodies but will never have our Soul and Spirit beat.

We are the Salt and Light that cannot be exterminated nor thrown away just because

We are Salt and Light to the flesh and meat.

This state of mind is ours,
Hence it is why we mind our existence;
Surviving on a daily basis is the least.

Your hands will walk through this valley where death is queen yet victorious will be your writing feet!

Last Edited by:Abena Agyeman-Fisher Updated: March 25, 2016


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