BY Lawretta Egba, 3:55pm July 26, 2016,

Five Simple Ways to Achieve and Maintain a Flat Stomach

Achieving and maintaining a flat stomach can be a struggle. Surveys reveal that sixty-two percent of women say the body part they are most self-conscious of is their stomach. Whether resulting from late night meals, excess alcohol consumption or even natural reasons like pregnancy or obesity; gaining is much easier than losing. A lot of people rely on somewhat unsafe means such as illicit slimming drugs or starvation as a solution to the unflattering look, thus, causing even greater harm to their bodies.

While some forms of slimming pills or dieting routines may actually be safe, trying multiple options without any visible solution can leave you feeling really frustrated. Often times this is as a result of one too many wrong habits we have gotten used to or right habits we pay little or no attention to.

We have compiled a list of 5 simple tips that would help you achieve and maintain a flat stomach. Here they are:

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