Five Zambian festivals you need to attend

Ama Nunoo March 23, 2021
Kuomboka is the most popular Zambian festival that marks the end of the rainy season. Image via YouTube

Festivals play a huge role in the promotion and preservation of culture and Zambians have more than 20 festivals annually. Each of these festivals carries a tradition that Zambians hold dearly, and they portray their spiritual culture, customs, oral history, social life, and more.

Although these festivals are celebrated at different times, it is a way in which the people pass their traditions and customs from one generation to the next and share it with the world.

Zambia has 73 tribes and each of them co-exists beautifully, celebrating their culture and traditions amid dancing and drumming.

Urbanization and western influence have made many people steer away from the celebration of these festivals, thus, all efforts are being made to preserve them.

Here are five must-attend Zambian festivals.

Last Edited by:Mildred Europa Taylor Updated: March 23, 2021


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