Florida mom in utter shock as her concrete driveway is stolen after listing her property for sale

Stephen Nartey January 03, 2024
Amanda Brochu/Photo credit: CNN/WFTV

A Florida single mom, Amanda Brochu, faced an unusual theft when her concrete driveway was stolen from her Orange County home shortly after listing it for sale. Expressing her astonishment, she explained that she returned home to find her driveway gone, leaving behind only a muddy patch of dirt.

The mysterious incident has left her puzzled as she attempted to make sense of the bizarre theft.“I come home, and my driveway is gone,” Brochu told WFTV.

She indicated she experienced a peculiar situation when listing her property. According to her, it first began with unfamiliar contractors appearing on her property to measure her driveway. Brochu said she saw five such workers, and upon questioning, she learned they were hired by a Tampa-area man named “Andre” to assess the cost of replacing the driveway, according to the New York Post.

The contractors who claimed to be hired by “Andre” presented text messages to Brochu, indicating that he had sought an estimate and provided her address. However, the supposed client was out of town when an in-person meeting was requested by the contractor, and communication ceased when asked for proof of ownership.

A week later, Brochu’s doorbell camera recorded a bulldozer removing the stolen concrete driveway from her property. Brochu expressed her complete surprise and lack of preparedness for the peculiar theft of her driveway.

Her real estate agent, Rocki Sanchez, recounted the utter shock upon discovering the incident, stating that such an occurrence was unprecedented in their experience.

Sanchez took to a Facebook group for realtors to raise awareness about the missing driveway and suspects that Brochu might be the target of an unusual scam.

“I had multiple people come forward saying that they’ve seen things like this happen — whether it be driveways, roofs, painting, even outside the exterior. So it happens more often than we actually see it,” she explained.

Brochu is now under pressure to replace the stolen driveway within two weeks to sell her Florida home. Failure to do so may result in losing the property she’s under contract to buy nearby. She said she recently invested in a new roof and is now concerned about raising the $10,000 needed for the driveway replacement.

“No one’s gonna buy this. This brings down the property now, and that just messes it up for me and my family,” Brochu lamented.

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