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Three reasons that made victory possible for Biden in Black-heavy SC primary

Nii Ntreh March 02, 2020 at 01:00 pm

March 02, 2020 at 01:00 pm | News, Opinions & Features

Joe Biden won over 60% of the African-American votes in South Carolina. Photo Credit:

Over the weekend, South Carolina voted in the Democratic primaries as expected – overwhelmingly and generously for former vice-president Joe Biden.

Going into Saturday, Biden had failed to win any of the three preceding contests, placing fourth in Iowa, fifth in New Hampshire and second in Nevada.

In all, Biden had amassed only 17 delegates, far behind frontrunner Bernie Sanders. But South Carolina changed everything, resurrecting a dying presidential bid to give Sanders a run for his money.

With Super Tuesday only a day away, Biden and his team have tried as much as possible to milk as much goodness from his South Carolina win.

And that includes contrasting himself with Sanders and underlining why the Vermont senator will only hurt the chances of the Democratic party in November.

Seen as the preference of many in Democratic establishment circles, Biden must pray the euphoria of South Carolina is sustained by and beyond Tuesday’s contests when more than half of total delegates will be up for grabs.

In the meantime, we assess how South Carolina has given a lifeline to a man who frankly, was on his way out.



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