From the streets to the red carpet, fascinating African styles for black tie events

Farida Dawkins May 15, 2018
Woman modelling dress made of Kente cloth...Pinterest

Many red carpet events have a theme or require adherence to specific attire. Well, do not fret.

You can wear an outfit that is red carpet worthy while showcasing your roots. Keep reading to learn about the African styles you can rock to black tie events.

1. Ankara

Woman modelling a formal Ankara dress…Nairaland Forum

There has been an influx of Ankara on the scene for quite some time now. From informal to formal, the African cloth can and is worn for many occasions.

2. Isicholo/Inhloko

The Isicholo hat…Etsy

This traditional regal looking hat is worn by Zulu women to send a specific message. It can pair beautifully with a gown or traditional clothing.

3. Ndebele neck rings

Woman modelling Ndebele neck rings…Veneka

Originally worn by the women of the Nguni tribe in South Africa, these rings are meaningful as they are beautiful.

4. African hats

Tofin man from So-Ava in Benin…Pinterest

These hats are worn throughout various regions within the African continent. Whether it’s a kufi, fez or Aso Oke, fellas you can’t go wrong with a decorative hat.

What is your favorite go-to African wear attire?


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