Fuse ODG and Damian Marley’s collabo is a reminder that black people have a home in Africa

Nduta Waweru November 03, 2018

Music collaborations are not only entertaining but a way of passing vital information. And that’s exactly what the new song by Ghanaian Fuse ODG and Jamaican Damian Marley did.

The song, titled Bra Fie,  is a call for Africans in the diaspora to head back home. The word ‘Bra Fie’ is Twi for ‘come home.’

According to the singers, the song is a mission to “to bring their descendants back home to where they belong mentally (Self Love), physically (Africa) and spiritually (Love) through this powerful piece of music.”

It puts the invasion of Africa by Europeans including slavery against police brutality currently carried out on black people in America and other parts of the diaspora.

In the song, Africans are pleading with the diaspora to never forget where they are from and the diaspora requesting Africans to always welcome them when they land on the continent.

In this ‘dialogue’  comes the message that a lot needs to be done for the black community all over the world to overcome all its problems and issues and become a united front.

The song further pays homage to the independent heroes such as Ghana’s first president Kwame Nkrumah, whose independence day speech is featured in the clip.

Watch the video for yourself below.


Last Edited by:Nduta Waweru Updated: November 3, 2018


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