Here’s Your Path to Glowing Skin

Renarda Joy April 25, 2014

Glowing skin tips

Sexy beauty is an easy, alluring, and intoxicating look that allows a woman to play up her most sensuous traits. However, you can’t achieve sexy beauty without glowing skin. Therefore, here are Face2Face Africa‘s tips to irresistible skin.

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Sure we all have different characteristics, but let’s face it, each of us has our defining qualities: healthy hair (both natural and relaxed), glowing skin, or full lips. If your eyes are your defining quality, for example, then you can likely rock a smoky eye that will captivate in or out of the bedroom! Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about, sexy beauty!

Today, I want to start a series discussing our skin. Did you know that you can eat, drink, and snooze your way to glowing skin? Try these least-expected tips to have glowing skin all year long.

Tip No. 1

  • Eat more omega 3-rich foods.  Studies have shown that eating fresh fish, such as salmon, mackerel, and tuna, helps maintain skin’s moisture.But what if you don’t like seafood?Omega 3 fatty acids can also be found in walnuts, flaxseed, tofu, or even a fish-oil supplement.

glowing skin foodsTip No. 2

  • Have some chocolate.  The flavonol antioxidant in cocoa creates a smoother but less flaky and scaly skin. You can add this to your favorite smoothie, sprinkle it on a salad or eat it with some fruits.  For those of you that are watching what you eat and chocolate is considered the evil treat, here’s a tip: try smelling cocoa. It sends signals to your brain as if you ate it. if that doesn’t help and you have to have a piece, try Green and Black’s Organic Dark – 85% Cacao (pictured).

Tip No. 3

  • Did you take your vitamins?  Nothing happens overnight, but after time you’ll see results.  Start with a daily multivitamin, and make sure it has zinc, iron, and Vitamin A — these are properties that help your skin, hair, and nails become healthy.

Tip No. 4glowing skin tips

  • Get more sleep. Sure, regular exercise is part of adopting a healthful lifestyle, but sleep is just as important. When you are sleeping, your body recovers muscles that were used and regenerates cells that allow your body to rest. Try to get eight hours of sleep. Your skin will thank you as you get older.

These tips should give you the boost you need to max out on your innate sexiness. After all, it was always there, waiting to be released.

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