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Renarda Joy April 23, 2014


Fourteen hours, eight hours, six hours — each of us has various obligations that requires time away from ourselves. Whether you’re a college student, career woman, Mom, wife, or friend, at some point you need to reset and learn to appreciate yourself through acts of Tender Loving Care (TLC).

This simple act of indulging in yourself allows you the gift of serenity. It gives you a moment to reflect on time and how much of it you really control. There’s various things you can do to recharge yourself to be the best you as possible. For example, take a brisk walk through the park, have a Netflix day, or do absolutely nothing! Today, Face2Face Africa wants to add to your list of ways to recharge!

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Take a Blissful Bath

  1. Place candles around the tub.
  2. Fill the tub with hot water, and add in a few drops of essential oils (lavender and sandlewood for relaxation or cypress and rosemary for concentration and meditation).
  3. Put on some music. Try soft jazz or classical contemporary — some tunes that will allow you to escape.
  4. After you get out of the tub, pat yourself dry and create your own moisture concoction. Try mixing lemon, lavender, and jojoba oils together. Pour the mixture in to your hands and then rub them together to warm up the oils in order to awake and infuse the scents. Apply the oils to your entire body to help replenish the lost moisture from the water; this also gives you a gorgeous glow, and who doesn’t want that?

Take MultiVitamins

Be sure to take a multi-vitamin, which is packed with tons of nutrients.  Zinc and Vitamin A are both great for your skin, hair, and nails.


Read a Good Book or Express Yourself with Journaling

Curl up with that book you bought that you’ve been meaning to read, see what your favorite author just released, or find a quiet place and start to journal by writing down your feelings, thoughts, and dreams. You should pair your reading or journaling experience with a nice hot cup of tea. My favorite is green tea, with honey, cinnamon, and fresh ginger.

Although it seems like a lot — especially to those who are very busy and live a hectic life — your body needs TLC every now and again from you.  Be sure to sleep six to eight hours and drink plenty of water.

Hope you enjoy your “me” time!

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