Here is why Samuel L. Jackson has had a special clause in all movies he’s been cast in

Stephen Nartey August 30, 2023
Samuel Jackson/Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Since renowned actor Samuel L. Jackson learned how to play golf, he has always maintained a special clause in all his contracts to ensure a work-life balance. The film star says he should be allowed to play golf twice a week during filming.

Film crews often accommodate this by arranging for golf opportunities on set. Jackson, who has played golf with notable figures like Tiger Woods, Donald Trump, and Kurt Russell, values this pastime as part of his life. He also emphasizes the sense of responsibility and credit the game offers.

Initially hesitant, Jackson was persuaded by friends to try golf. His competitive drive led him to practice relentlessly until he became exceptionally skilled. Now, his friends avoid playing with him because of his golf prowess, according to the Daily Mail.

But, he has found comfort in playing golf with celebrity and professional players, including Tiger Woods, whom he played with at St Andrews in Scotland. Jackson’s preferred course is Augusta National Golf Club, where he was rewarded with three rounds for his role in Freedomland. Despite his busy schedule, he will likely find time for golf, as he recently appeared in the Marvel series “Secret Invasion” and has several upcoming projects like “The Kill Room” alongside Uma Thurman.

Jackson’s journey into acting began when he joined a local acting group to earn extra credits in a class. This newfound interest led him to change his major. In 1972, before graduating, he co-founded the “Just Us Theatre.” Jackson started his career in theater at Morehouse College before transitioning to the film industry. His breakthrough came in 1991 with his role in “Jungle Fever,” and he gained recognition for roles in movies like “Pulp Fiction,” “Die Hard with a Vengeance,” “Jackie Brown,” and the Star Wars prequels.

He also played Nick Fury in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Jackson has appeared in over 100 films, making him one of the highest-grossing actors in the industry. He’s received numerous awards and has a long-lasting marriage with LaTanya Richardson, with whom he has one daughter, Zoe, according to Walk of Fame.

In the wake of Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination in 1968, Jackson attended King’s funeral as an usher and later participated in an equal rights protest march in Memphis. His reaction to the assassination was one of anger, and he felt that more drastic action was needed for change. In 1969, Jackson and fellow students held Morehouse College trustees hostage on campus, demanding curriculum and governance reforms. While the college eventually agreed to make changes, Jackson was charged, convicted of unlawful confinement, and suspended for two years due to his criminal record and actions.

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