Houston teen comes back to life after fatal accident

Francis Akhalbey July 15, 2022
Torianto "Junior" Brinson was pronounced dead after a car crash -- Photos via FOX 26 Houston

The mother of a 15-year-old boy, who made a miraculous recovery after he was pronounced dead following a car crash, said she still had faith that her son will pull through even when medical officials told her that he was gone and there was nothing they could do.

According to FOX 10, the accident happened in Missouri City. The teen, identified as Torianto “Junior” Brinson, was thrown out of the vehicle he was in when the accident occurred. The vehicle was also completely totaled.

Junior’s mother, La’Kisha, recalled the family’s reaction after they were made aware of the accident.

“One minute after it happened, my daughter called me, and she was hysterical. ‘Mom, you need to get here now.’ So, they were literally around the corner from the house. So, we drove on the street. Had to get out of the car, run, and saw him lying there,” La’Kisha said.

“There were four emergency services working on him, and he wasn’t responding, he wasn’t breathing, he wasn’t moving, he was just lying there,” she added.

The teen’s condition is said to have exacerbated after he was transported to the Texas Medical Center. “They told us that he was gone, there was nothing they could do, and I remember asking them, ‘You’re just going to let my baby just sit here?’ and they were like, ‘There’s nothing they can do,'” La’Kisha recalled.

In the wake of the tragic news, the teen’s mother said she entreated her family to pray. She also said she held her apparently deceased son’s hand and prayed for him to come back. Something extraordinary happened later. 

“I was holding his hand and I prayed and told him, ‘Junior, I need you!’ A minute later, I saw his hand move,” she said. Junior, who had suffered a traumatic brain injury, was immediately rushed to the theatre for emergency surgery.

Junior was hospitalized for several months at the Memorial Hermann. He was also said to be in semi-coma during that period, FOX 10 reported. The teen was eventually transferred to TIRR Memorial Hermann after his condition improved.

“He was still having trouble moving around in bed consistently. Getting up and walking was very difficult. It required two people to help him,” Dr. Liz Larkin, who is a physical therapist at TIRR Memorial Hermann, said.

“He also struggled – and it’s pretty common after an injury like his traumatic brain injury – to have noticed changes in behavior, which we expected. It actually is a good sign! It means he’s getting better, but moments of difficulty regulating impulses.”

La’Kisha said they believed their son would make a full recovery even when people raised doubts. And though Junior doesn’t remember anything from the near-fatal crash, he said he always finds the story impressive when his mother talks about it, FOX 10 reported.

Junior is also not expected to face any academic setbacks even though he was absent for an entire high school year. The teen managed to earn enough credits to be eligible for graduation as he took high school classes in junior high.

The 15-year-old has also set his sights on playing in the NBA. “I made varsity as a freshman,” Junior told the news outlet. “I want to play for the Houston Rockets.”

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