BY Alicia Nunn, 3:00pm December 19, 2020,

How Breonna Taylor and 10,000 slain African Muslims are linked

Breonna Taylor was killed in March by three Louisville police officers in the name of executing a no-knock-search warrant in her apartment. Photo: Breonna Taylor family

The fight for justice for Breonna Taylor began over 2,500 years ago with the heinous murders of her ancient ancestors, the African Matriarchs. When patriarchy took over the world.

“Sometimes African people approach European power brokers with the assumption that Europeans are going to give us back things that they had already taken from us.  They took it from you; you’ve got to take it back.” – Dr. John Henrik Clarke

In a recent blog, Envy: How It Destroyed Black People And How To Heal, I exposed the root motivation of the Greek and Roman invasion of Africa. 

Dr. Clarke warns us, “African people have always and still have something that people want.” Europeans were not the only covetous invaders.

Through her extensive research, Mama Zogbe (Vivian Hunter-Hindrew, M.Ed), uncovers unspeakable horrors that history selectively forgot, “In one out of hundreds of accounts, the Qur’an (Surat al-Buruj 85:4) documents that in 523 (C.E.), Ethiopian King, Yousef Athar Dhu Nawas, originally an initiate of Al-Uzza, was forced to pile more than 10,000 matriarchs and their clans into a mass Ukhdud (pit) and ordered it set ablaze, because they had refused to convert to any of these emerging competing doctrines.  During their scramble to conquer Africa, all of the emerging patriarchal sects clashed, vying for expansion. 

“All competing for her land, wealth through African enslavement and her mineral spoils.  A great number of West Africans enslaved in the New World descend from these original African Islamic ancestral clans, where their founding ancestors and ancient deities are still born to them.” 

The emerging patriarchal sects Mama Zogbe refers to are Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Not the guiding principles of these religions whose origins are African, but to the exploitation of these principles for the selfish motives of the invaders.

“For more than 2000+ years before Mohammad, Islam was founded, developed and practiced in Africa by the Fulani and Abyssinian, other Sudanic and East African matriarchal clans.  Many of the sacred songs to their chief warrior Vodoun deities are ancient Islamic prayers against the Arabic invaders”, she further explains.

The fall of humankind did not begin with Eve convincing Adam to eat the apple in the Garden of Eden; a sexist, misogynistic tale weaved by murderers and thieves. It began with the erasure of the African Matriarchs.

According to Mama Zogbe, “Mami Al-Uzza (Awussa)  was the chief goddess, along with 360+ African ancestral deities who originally occupied the sacred Ka’aba built by them; until they were conquered by the Arabic warrior clans around the 6th century.  Under Mohammed’s revisions, their founding ancestral deities and Al-Uzza were first reduced to ‘Jinns’ (Iesser angels), and later blotted out completely.  It was forbidden under penalty of death for Mohammed’s new converts to worship or to pay homage to them again.  During the same period revisionists versions of Judaism, the emerging Christian cults and Mohammed’s version of Islam was being forced upon the African and Asian world by the sword.”

The Greek, Roman and Arab conquest of Africa ushered in a 3,000-year reign of terror against Black women, motivated by envy, greed and lust.

In her book, The Sibyls: The First Prophetess’ of Mami (Wata), Mama Zogbe educates, “The idea that African religious traditions, ritual practices, social customs, divine prophecy and fundamental beliefs once dominated both the secular and non-secular world in ancient times, seems hard to imagine.  Even more, the notion that African women, the oldest human beings on the planet, laid the theological foundation for Judaism, Hinduism, Christianity and Islam under the auspices of the black matriarchs seems even more incredible.”

According to Mama Zogbe, “By the 1500 and 1600s, the war on African religious culture and clergy continued to be an important central target of Vatican authorities.  It’s primary aim was not only to colonize, and to pillage Africa, but also to destroy and obscure the direct ethnological, theological, cultural, and linguistic link to their own sacerdotal knowledge, which they knew originated in Africa.”

How are these events linked to Breonna Taylor?

Black women are still being slaughtered with no justice. When history is forgotten, it repeats. The 10,000 African Matriarchs and their clans, incinerated in a fiery pit, are our ancestors.  

According to Mama Zogbe, “The Mama Tchamba Ancestral spiritual system is one of the major and most important esoteric systems, whose history of maintaining family and spiritual lineage continuity dates back to Neolithic times. One of its most ancient lineage sub-branches in the African family tree is Muslim, that pre-dates Mohammedan Islam.”

Countless African Matriarchs were also murdered in ancient Rome; their writings, prophesies and contributions to civilization stolen. And they were also erased from history.

No one remembers them.

The African Matriarchs were leaders in government, finance, education, business, architecture, real estate, AND morality and spirituality.

Their influence and fame spread throughout the ancient world. They were honored, valued and even worshipped for their supernatural wisdom, prophesies, healings and for their majestic beauty. During their glorious reign, there was peace and prosperity.

“Instead, we will do everything we said: We will burn incense to the queen of heaven and offer drink offerings to her, just as we, our fathers, our kings, and our officials did in the cities of Judah and in the streets of Jerusalem. At that time, we had plenty of food and good things, and we saw no disaster.”  –  Jeremiah 44:17

When the African Matriarchs were erased, chaos ensued.

According to Mama Zogbe, “They ordered the pillage and then destruction of all of their temples, mystery schools, universities and libraries.  African (and other) clerics were tried for heresy, many were crucified, burned, or murdered, catapulting Europe into abysmal darkness for more than 500 years.”

Violence, war, rape, child abuse and exploitation, colonization, slavery, racism, sexism, ageism, caste systems, poverty, genetically modified food, pollution, cancer, drugs, guns, mass incarceration, deconstruction of the Black family, mental illness, self-hate, police brutality and murder of innocents. Mental slavery and colonization.

“There weren’t enough soldiers in Europe to take over the continent of Africa, India, the Caribbean Islands, and both South and North America.  The greatest achievement of the Europeans was the conquest of the mind…” – Dr John Henrik Clarke

I feel the pain deep in my gut of 10,000 of my sacred ancestors piled in a pit and incinerated because they refused to abandon their matriarchal legacy and convert to the emerging and embattling patriarchal religions. And their descendants murdered in cold blood by police with no retribution.

Can you feel it?

The souls of our ancestors are crying out.  Demanding justice.  

Can you hear them?

The same greed that burned our ancestors’ flesh to dust as their soul gasped, “I can’t breathe”, now slowly incinerates us from the inside out with GMOs, nicotine, processed foods, sugar, drugs, alcohol and chemotherapy.

We still can’t breathe.

Justice must be served. For Breonna Taylor. For the African Matriarchs. For the conquest of the immense wealth of African soil. Gold, diamonds, oil.  And her sacred, supernatural, daughters and sons.

I wrote Ashira’s World:  The Queen of Heaven Returns to honor the legacy of the African Matriarch, Asherah. She was also erased from history but is mentioned a few times in the Bible. Jeremiah 44:17 is one example.

My tagline for the epic fantasy novel is, “A warrior rises from the ruins within”. The ruins: brainwashed, poverty-stricken African descendant people bowing to everyone but ourselves. Unaware of our royal heritage and legacy and the divinity that runs through our veins.

Mama Zogbe states, “Many of the followers of Al-Uzza were an ascetic, highly spiritual group of matrilineal nomads and traders.  Each clan was headed by a queen priestess, and a temple haram (harem) of priestesses and sadhus (ascetic priests).  Many of the Abyssinian clans wore their hair in long locs, did not touch the dead, nor did they attend funerals (even of relatives).  They were meticulous about their worship, hygiene, morals and taboos.  They spoke and wrote in Aramaic,  Mande, Fulbe, and Houssa (Hausa), the primary ancestral language.”

Many strategies have been implemented to keep our identity hidden. For if we know who we are, we will never bow to oppression and suppression.   We will never allow ourselves to be bought and sold.  

According to Mama Zogbe, “During ancient times it was the Chaldean priests who manifested material and mystically the desires of the African Gods.  They came originally out of ancient Egypt, Nubia, Ethiopia, Syria, Persia, and made their way into Ionia, Asia Minor, and India. Initiated into the mysteries of Mami and the Dionysus/Bacchus (Osiris) orders, these African men were master astronomers, astrologers, prophets, alchemists (Magi), and masons (architectural engineers). 

“Just as the Sibyls, these priests were the early inventors and masters of nearly all forms of divination, including “augury” (messenger by birds) and ventriloquism, tarot cards, bones, dice, etc. These master priests prepared the solar calendars, and were the interpreters of the dreams, and visions in the royal court of the Kings. The Ethiopian prophet Abraham/Abram, (who was neither Arab nor Jew), was head of the Chaldean order of diviners, just as his father who made his living constructing votive images of Kore/Black Di-Ana once was.”

If we know our power, we can never be conquered. And if we know the power of unity, we will never be divided.

While the African Matriarchs were eventually conquered because the secret of our powers was revealed to our enemies by our own men, in the beginning, we were unified.

“The Chaldean priests (meaning “moon mother”) honored the Divine African Mother, and worked together with the Sibyls in establishing the ancestral shrines “omphale” throughout the ancient world.  Most of the original architectural designs of Mycenae, Ionia, and Aegean Islands attributed to the Greeks, was actually built by these priests and the Chaldaei (Black Amazons).  Once those temples were destroyed, the Greeks (and later the Romans) simply rebuilt them copying the same architectural designs, but Angolizing the sacred image of the gods and goddesses”,  Mama Zogbe reminds us.

“As master mathematicians, the Chaldeans were the primary forecasters and validators of astronomical events, and divine cycles relating to prophecy as foretold by the Sibyls. In ancient Egypt, their most oldest predecessors were known as the “Ketul” (Ewe “Kettas”) or “stone builders” who were later called the “Morions”, by the European Bards, because they were jet black like the smoked quartz which bears the same name.  However, the name is also a term used for calculating and predicting the motions of spaceships and other heavenly bodies, because the European Bards (minstrel-poets) who would often baffoon them in black-face, also knew them and the Amazons to be the actual builders of the ancient, Buddhists mega-structures known as Stonehenge. It was believed to have been an observatory location for monitoring certain celestial events.”

The combined power of the African Matriarch and Patriarch is an unstoppable, impenetrable force as designed by the Creator. As the reign of patriarchy comes to an end and the African Matriarchs are honored again, we are resurrecting. Waking up. Our ancestors resurrected in us.

“It was common knowledge that the ancient Chaldean priests were originally African. As initiates of the goddesses of Fate and Destiny, equal to their contemporary Gabadu”, in the Mami Vodoun Afa system of divination, it was through their permission upon entering into their mysteries that the ancient Chaldean diviners received their divinatory, and magical powers.

Rise, my people. And take back what was stolen. Our identity. Our inheritance. Our legacy. Our power. Magic. And always remember who you are.

Justice is served, not by begging our oppressors to take their bloody foot off our necks, but by cutting off the foot and the head of the oppressor. 

“By removing the antiquated mental shackles of slavery, the accompanying psychological fear and ignorance, only then will they begin the important work of restoring the dignity and the respect for their African Spirits and Ancestors that are cosmo and genetically linked to them.  Accomplishing this could prove not only beneficial to the world at large, but also might be the greatest cultural, political and spiritual triumph of all time.” – Mama Zogbe

Last Edited by:Mildred Europa Taylor Updated: December 19, 2020


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